04 17 14

Timesheet Adjustment Request Form

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04 01 14

The time for Western Washington University employees to attest to the tobacco use and spouse/domestic partner surcharges is here. The surcharge attestation period begins April 1 and runs through May 15.

This is also the time to attest to the SmartHealth wellness incentive. The wellness incentive attestation period begins April 1 and runs through June 30.

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03 13 14

Electronic W-4s Now on Web4U!

Introducing a new feature on Web4U!  You now have the ability to update your W-4 electronically instead of completing a paper W-4.  Follow these easy steps:

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02 27 14

Employee Evaluations

University policy requires annual performance evaluations for all classified and professional staff employees.  These annual evaluations provide regular opportunities to clarify expectations, set goals and to identify accomplishments, issues of concern, and areas for growth.  The end of the fiscal year, June 30, is the designated deadline for completion and submission of annual evaluations. 

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02 13 14

Note: The information included below is based on the PEBB Board vote and is not final until PEBB rules and policies are adopted and legislative funding is approved for the wellness incentive.

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02 06 14

Retirement Plan Limits – Maximum Contribution Limits for 2014: The maximum combined employee and employer contribution allowed under IRC 403(b) for 2014 is $52,000. An additional $5,500 is allowed for each of these years if you are age 50 or above as described in “Catch-up Contributions” section below.

The maximum amount you can contribute to your VIP, based upon the retirement plan in which you are participating as a WWU employee, is as follows:

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01 23 14

FSA/DCAP Unspent 2013 Funds: PEBB mailed a letter on Friday, January 17 to all 2013 FSA/DCAP participants that still have funds in their ASIFlex account. The letter includes the following reminders:

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01 16 14

Update W-2 address on Web4U

Please be sure to remind your employees & students to update their W-2 address on Web4U if they are not receiving their W-2 electronically.

Here are the instructions:

  • Go to Web4U (if you no longer have access to Web4U, click here)

  • Click on “Personal Information”

  • Click on “Addresses and Phones – View/Update”

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01 09 14

W-2 Electronic Enrollment

Avoid the hassle of waiting for your W-2 to arrive in the mail!  Consider enrolling to receive your W-2 electronically.

Instructions to sign up for Electronic W-2s:

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12 05 13

Overtime Calculator: Introducing a new tool to calculate overtime across multiple pay periods with multiple position numbers. Located on the payroll website under Helpful Reports & Tools, this spreadsheet is split between two weeks and can be used to determine if overtime was earned and in which position the overtime was earned when a work week crosses over two pay periods. This is a great tool for student employees with multiple positions to utilize.

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