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Just a reminder to submit a new Form W-4 for 2015 if your marital status or withholding allowances have changed or will change for the new year. You can update your Form W-4 by logging on to myWestern and then Web4U and then following these instructions:

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Open enrollment - what you can do: The PEBB open enrollment in November is your opportunity to make changes to your account that will take effect on Jan. 1, 2015. Change may include:

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FMLA training: Are you a supervisor with employees on FMLA? Or are you an employee who has questions about FMLA and disability accommodations? Then sign up for our STAR training: FMLA Management: Leading is Caring. We’ll cover the basics of FMLA, pregnancy leave, accommodations, and much, much more!

We have spots open for our class on Nov. 6 from 9 to 11 am.  Sign up here.

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Inspiration Station: Under this title, HR will share various ideas, resources, quotes, videos, books, etc. with the hope it brings you inspiration and you share that inspiration with others. Do you have ideas for future posts? Let us know by sending them to

What does everyday leadership mean? Watch this TedTalk to learn more and see how all of us can be leaders and improve each other’s lives.

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Payroll schedule: The 2015 Human Resources Payroll Schedule is now available on the Payroll website. It includes the due dates for the following:

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When should I send in a PA for someone who is transferring to a new job or leaving their job?

First of all, let’s review the different reasons to fill out a PA Form:

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2015 Health Insurance Premiums: Curious what PEBB premiums will be for 2015? See the 2014-2015 comparison chart.

Recruitment Tip: When completing a recruitment, it is best practice to communicate with your applicants as soon as the position has been filled. You can do this through email by utilizing the “Applicant Contact Information” report in EASE. Questions? Call 360-650-3306.

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Submitting Leave in Advance

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How to set-up and Remove a Proxy:

Do you have a proxy set-up in the event that you are not available to approve timesheets by the Timesheet Approval Deadline?  It’s easy to do!  Just follow these simple instructions.

Supervisors Delegating Timesheet Approval Responsibilities:

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Notice your Personnel Action Form (PA) in HR Employment?

This means that we are still waiting for paperwork. Your new hire out of the area? They can complete this paperwork remotely. Contact us at x3774 with questions.

Reminder– your hire cannot work until the paperwork has been completed.

Reporting Hours Over Appointment (HOA)

Having a difficult time understanding how to report Hours Over Appointment? If so, you may find this link helpful. This and other useful information can be found on the Payroll website.

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