02 26 15

2014 FSA and DCAP

March is quickly approaching, as is the deadline for accessing 2014 funds still available in FSA and DCAP accounts.

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02 12 15

Lunch learning: The Faculty & Staff Wellness Program presents a Meditation Lunch 'n' Learn with Ronna Biggs, assistant director of WWU's New Student Services, from noon to 1 p.m. Friday, Feb. 20, in Carver Gym D. You don't need to register, just show up and enjoy!

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01 07 15

Retirement plan limits – maximum contribution limits for 2015: The maximum combined employee and employer contribution allowed under IRC 403(b) for 2015 is $53,000. An additional $6,000 is allowed if you are age 50 or above as a “Catch-up” Contribution.

The maximum amount you can contribute to your VIP, based upon the retirement plan in which you are participating as a WWU employee, is as follows:

PERS/TRS/LEOFF participants, or those with no retirement plan:

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12 19 14

New L&I rates: Effective with your Jan. 25, 2015, paycheck, the rate for Labor & Industries Medical Aid that's deducted from your pay will decrease from 9.44 percent to 8.98 percent of hours worked, up to 80 hours per paycheck.

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12 05 14

Human Resources is proud to offer our Winter 2015 Class Schedule, as part of our ongoing Professional Development services.  Employees throughout Western responded to a survey last spring to tell us what you wanted to see.  Many of those classes are in the lineup and more will follow throughout the year.  Here are some great (120 minute) opportunities to Get Better.

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11 26 14

2015 Minimum Wage Increase: Starting on Jan. 1, 2015, the minimum wage in Washington state will increase from $9.32 per hour to $9.47 per hour. Any employee earning $9.32 per hour will automatically have his or her hourly rate increase on Jan. 1. For more information, visit the website of the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries.

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11 20 14

Just a reminder to submit a new Form W-4 for 2015 if your marital status or withholding allowances have changed or will change for the new year. You can update your Form W-4 by logging on to myWestern and then Web4U and then following these instructions:

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11 06 14

Open enrollment - what you can do: The PEBB open enrollment in November is your opportunity to make changes to your account that will take effect on Jan. 1, 2015. Change may include:

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10 31 14

FMLA training: Are you a supervisor with employees on FMLA? Or are you an employee who has questions about FMLA and disability accommodations? Then sign up for our STAR training: FMLA Management: Leading is Caring. We’ll cover the basics of FMLA, pregnancy leave, accommodations, and much, much more!

We have spots open for our class on Nov. 6 from 9 to 11 am.  Sign up here.

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10 23 14

Inspiration Station: Under this title, HR will share various ideas, resources, quotes, videos, books, etc. with the hope it brings you inspiration and you share that inspiration with others. Do you have ideas for future posts? Let us know by sending them to

What does everyday leadership mean? Watch this TedTalk to learn more and see how all of us can be leaders and improve each other’s lives.

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