Presentation to advance ideas for new digital media spaces on campus

The Evergreen State College's Center for Creative and Applied Media. Courtesy photo by Mark Greenberg

Western Today staff

Peter Randlette, head of electronic media at The Evergreen State College, will talk Nov. 21 about the process his university went through to build its state-of-the-art Center for Creative and Applied Media.

Randlette's presentation is scheduled for 10 to 11:30 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 21, in Wilson Library Room 164F (Library Presentation Room).

In 2010, the Evergreen State College completed a $3 million renovation project to bring about modern facilities supporting the college’s needs for increased student access to media technologies, teleconferencing and other administrative media productions. The resulting Center for Creative and Applied Media provides studio space for TV and audio production designed for students seeking hands-on experience with professional equipment in the pursuit of media literacy skills across multiple disciplines. Peter Randlette, Head of Electronic Media at the Evergreen State College, was intimately involved in the design of this Center. He will discuss the purposes of the CCAM, the processes of design, how it is being used as well as lessons learned.

This presentation coincides with a Western capital project to increase digital media learning spaces on campus. The CCAM at Evergreen is an example of providing cross-disciplinary digital media production support. We hope to elicit further campus conversations on the topic.

This presentation is being jointly sponsored by the Provost’s Office, Western Libraries, the Learning Commons and ATUS and is open to the public.