Campus tour: Chemistry Building

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Western Today staff

The Western Washington University Chemistry Building, completed in June 1993, houses, not surprisingly, the chemistry department. The department moved to the new building from Haggard Hall during the summer 1993 and began classes in the building that September. Prior to moving to Haggard Hall in 1960, the department had been located in Old Main.

Features of the 64,000-square-foot Chemistry Building are the availability of natural light in all laboratories and major corridors and the availability of "human spaces" where students can study within the building or get together for impromptu discussions with each other and with their professors.

The building is based on a two corridor system. One of these is a service corridor, located on each floor in the center of the building. A supply elevator serves these corridors and connects to the stockroom on the first floor. All teaching functions are located on the east side of this corridor, with major instrumentation and research functions on the other side. All of the lab preparation/supply rooms and all of the research labs are located on the supply corridor. The second corridor, which is on the front of the building on each floor, is a public corridor. All of the teaching labs are located on this public corridor. Students also use it to reach their instructional labs. Faculty offices are located in a stack (six offices on each floor) located at the north end of the building.

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